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Memory Stick MicroTM

Memory Stick Micro

Memory Stick MicroTM is a super-compact media format, which inherited the Memory Stick PROTM interface while supporting dual voltage. Features of Memory Stick MicroTM are:

  • Reduced size down to 1/4 of Memory Stick PRO DuoTM in volume and to 1/3 in area.
  • Functional outer shape designed to prevent popping out when removed.
  • Memory Stick MicroTM interface is the same as Memory Stick PROTM interface. When inserted in a special adaptor, it is readable and writable on a Memory Stick PROTM compliant product.

Major Specifications

Dimensions H15 x W 12.5 x T1.2 mm
Connector Terminals 11 pins
Max. Capacity 32 GB
Max. Data Transfer Rate (Theoretical value) * 160 Mbps(20 MB/s) (4-bit parallel data transfer)
Guaranteed Mim. Reading/Writing Speed ** 15 Mbps (4-bit parallel data transfer)
Max. Data Transfer Unit 512 Byte
Max. Clock Frequency 40 MHz (4-bit parallel data transfer)
Operating Voltage 1.7 V to 1.95 V or 2.7 V to 3.6 V
Interface 4–bit Parallel Interface and Serial Interface
Copyright Protection Technology MagicGateTM
* Theoretical value calculation : 40 MHz x 4 bit = 160 Mbps (20 MB/s)
** Minimum reading/writing speed is guaranteed only when the media is used on an optimized host product and when operating voltage is 3.3V.
Memory Stick Micro Major Specifications

License Agreement

You need to conclude a license agreement in order to design and develop a Memory StickTM compliant product.
For more details, see License Agreement page.