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Memory Stick PROTM

Memory Stick PRO

Memory Stick PROTM is a format extended from Memory StickTM Format to achieve a high capacity and a fast transfer. A Memory Stick PROTM compliant product can handle Memory Stick PROTM media as well as Memory StickTM media.

Major Specifications

Dimensions H20×W31×T1.6 mm (Duo size)
H21.5×W50×T2.8 mm (standard size)
Connector Terminals 10 pins
Max. Capacity 32 GB
Max. Data Transfer Rate (Theoretical value) * 160 Mbps(20MB/s) (in 4-bit parallel data transfer)
Guaranteed Mim. Reading/Writing Speed ** 15 Mbps or 32Mbps (in 4-bit parallel data transfer)
Max. Data Transfer Unit 512 Byte
Max. Clock Frequency 40 MHz (in 4-bit parallel data transfer)
Operating Voltage 2.7 V to 3.6 V
Interface 4–bit Parallel Interface and Serial Interface
Copyright Protection Technology MagicGateTM
* Theoretical value calculation : 40 MHz x 4 bit = 160 Mbps (20 MB/s)
** Minimum reading/writing speed is guaranteed only when the media is used on an optimized host product.

Format Specification Summary

License Agreement

You need to conclude a license agreement in order to design and develop a Memory StickTM compliant product.
For more details, see License Agreement page.