2. Memory Stick
  3. Technical Support

Technical Support Provided After License Agreement

Once you have concluded a license agreement, a various types of technical support and information become available to you through Licensee Only pages of this website.

Specifications Download

A licensee can download Memory StickTM specifications and test specifications. They are also provided with information about revised or new formats.

Guidelines Download

A licensee can download the following guidelines that can be utilized when designing PC-connectable devices or when verifying compatibility of still images:

- Memory StickTM Interface Guideline for PC peripheral devices with Memory StickTM Slot
- Memory StickTM Compatibility Verification Guideline for Still Image
- Test Files for Compatibility Verification Guideline for Still Image
- Memory StickTM User Interface Guidelines

Product Design Support

Hardware and software are provided to help design and develop a Memory StickTM compliant product.

Host Controller IP

Host Controller IP, an IP for controlling Memory StickTM, is offered (for sale). It will shorten the development period of your compliant product and will secure its compatibility with Memory StickTM.

Software Support Information

Access libraries supporting Memory Stick PRO-HGTM/Memory Stick PROTM are provided. We also provide information of device drivers and file systems that are available from software vendors.

Verification Support

Information about compatibility verification tools are provided, and some of the tools are offered (for sale) on this website.

Help Desk

We accept technical inquiries.